Snow Day!

Yes, this is my horse, Boo Boo.  He has been by my side for the last 20 years and although I may have joked about his living in my house, I have never actually brought him inside...until today.

Today was the first big snowfall for Kelowna, and it was a BIG one!  Feeding that morning, I couldn't help but feel for my special boy...the snow was so wet and gross, slush and mud here we are :)

He followed me inside, no hesitation through the front door, took baby steps when his shoes hit the tile floor and was quite comfortable on the blanket I laid out for him.  I'm sure he would have been content to hang out in there with me all day, but we gave him a juicy apple while standing by our kitchen island and brought him back outside...apparently "where he belongs", according to is your side of the bed, Brad!!


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