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We are so excited to have our photography business connected to PASS for almost 2 years now!  PASS is an outstanding company that provides photographers all over the world the service of beautiful Online Galleries.  We are so excited to a part of the movement of "Shoot & Share"...which means we share the digital files with our clients, which we wouldn't have any other way!!

We LOVE PASS's beautiful every PASS Gallery is active online for 10 years!  This means that they are  safely backed up, as well, for 10 years!  PASS galleries are mobile can be shared through all popular social media apps, such as Facebook and Pinterest.  Photos can be marked as favorites and put into your own "favorites" folder.  Photos can be downloaded in high resolution, one at a time, or all at once with upgraded galleries.  So many possibilities!!

This BLOG post is to help our clients navigate through their PASS Galleries as efficiently as possible.  With so much to offer, we want to make sure that everyone is taking advantage ALL of the features of PASS!

Here we go!!

Once you enter the link and password we provide you with, this is what you will see (with your images, of course).  The arrow, we added...this is where you will click to get to the LEFT MENU.

COLLECTIONS - Below is what you will see when you click on the 3 horizontal lines, the LEFT MENU.  This is a very important menu because this is where your "COLLECTIONS" are located.  COLLECTIONS are the different galleries we have created to organize your images.  We start every PASS Gallery with "HIGHLIGHTS".  These HIGHLIGHTS are our favourite images from your session or wedding.  The next Collection is always "ALL"...this is where ALL of your images are located in one Collection.  Next will be some of our favourite images in black and white for Portraits Sessions, and for weddings, we will have your wedding organized by wedding event (eg. Getting Ready, Ceremony, Bride & Groom Formals, Reception, ETC.) 

LOGIN - It is very important that you create an account and LOGIN to access all of the features of your PASS Gallery.  Creating an account is completely FREE and very easy.  If you have a Facebook account, this is the easiest method to login...otherwise your email address works as well.

Once you are all logged in, you will be able to mark your favorites, download images etc.  And now you are ready to browse through your images!  First, choose your've probably already scrolled through your HIGHLIGHTS, because this is where your PASS Gallery opened to.  Once your chosen Collection loads, you can click on any image to view it larger.

You can navigate through your image on a larger scale by clicking your left and right arrow button on your keyboard or you can also use the left and right arrows in the Collection, on the screen.  This screen also open up the "RIGHT MENU".  This RIGHT MENU is used for sharing the selected image, downloading and marking as a favourite.  Just click the + sign at the top right corner to reveal the entire RIGHT MENU.  Below is what the expanded RIGHT MENU looks like.

You will notice the image FILE NAME is located here.  This is the file name you will give to us if you are ordering prints or products through us, Candid Apple Photography (the file name is not needed if ordering prints through your PASS Gallery).

FAVORITEs COLLECTION - This is a great tool when choosing your preferred images.  You can either click add photo to "MY FAVORITES" in the large image viewer, or you can click the heart symbol when you hover over the image in the smaller, gallery view.  Both options will add your photo to your own FAVORITES folder, which you can view and share separately! Once the image is marked as a "FAVORITE", a heart flag will be visible like the sample below.

He is what your FAVORITES folder will look like once you've flagged your favorites.

DOWNLOADING - With PASS, images can be downloaded one at a time and with upgraded PASS Galleries, entire Collections can be downloaded all at once.  All of our Wedding Collections include an upgraded PASS Gallery, however, not all Portrait Collections.  If your PASS Gallery is not upgraded you can do so for $29, or you can still enjoy the free features of PASS and download your images one at a time (Only upgraded PASS Galleries have the option to DOWNLOAD ALL).

You can download from either RIGHT MENU or LEFT MENU.  Here is what your DOWNLOAD box will look like.

By clicking "DOWNLOAD", only the selected photo will download to your computer.  By clicking "DOWNLOAD ALL", here is what you will see.

Now you will have the option as to which Collection(s) you would like to download.  You even have the option to only download MY FAVORITES Collection that you have created.  Check the box beside the option you'd like to download and PASS will create a .zip file for you to download.

Click DOWNLOAD and you will see this:

Once your .zip file is downloaded, you will get an email notification that your files are ready.  You will then unzip the file to a destination on your computer that you choose!

*NOTE*  You may notice that the file sizes are smaller than you would think they should be being high resolution.  We had the same concern when comparing the file sizes with our originals before we upload your images to PASS.  No need to be concerned at is what PASS states :)

"PASS has built a system that optimizes the file size of the photos for easy storage while keeping them high resolution.  The default download high resolution size is a file that is 3500px on the longest edge and will print up to a 20×30 poster sized print or even larger canvas print.  Typical file size is 600k – 2MB depending on the brightness and detail of the image."

ORDERING PRINTS PASS makes ordering professional prints SO easy and affordable!  PASS has teamed up with White House Custom Colour (WHCC) which is our the printing company we use for all of our products as well.

To order, click on the image you'd like to on the RIGHT MENU and find the "Add Photo to Prints" option at the bottom.  Below is what you will see:

These prints are much higher in quality than any local printing company, so we do encourage our clients to print these sizes through your PASS Gallery.  The prices are VERY affordable and your order is shipped right to your door in a very timely manner.  The Shipping Rate is currently an $18 flat rate to Canada and cannot guarantee that this will not change, as we don't have anything to do with the cost from WHCC.

*Please note that your Print Credit that is included with your Wedding Collection does not count towards PASS Prints, as we are a completely separate company.  Products and Print Credit included with your Wedding Collection must be ordered directly through Candid Apple Photography.

PASS APP -  PASS also offers an APP for your PASS Gallery!  Just click the link that should show up at the bottom of your screen when you are viewing your PASS Gallery.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!  We'd LOVE to add anything we may have missed :)

We hope this helps you get the most out of your PASS Gallery!!



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