Stevie & Tic | Okanagan Equine Photographers

What an amazing pair these two are! Stevie was the winner of a free portrait session with us, and it was such a pleasure to photograph her and her beautiful steed, Tic.  I just LOVE the bond these two have...Tic is incredibly relaxed around Stevie, and Stevie just can't stop smiling around Tic.  I'm pretty sure I smiled throughout the entire photo session and all of the editing, just looking at how happy they are when they are together.

Being an Equine Photographer (before I even started photographing people lol), I always aim for alert ears and nice stances...but with Tic, I just LOVED his flat, to the side ears, showcasing his goofy, sweet personality...which, I might add, went perfectly with Stevie.  He did perk those ears up for me when I asked, but I let these to be them for the most part :)

Thanks Stevie & Tic for being so awesome!


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